The Basic Things Series

This little booklet series was created to provide a basic overview of the key concepts of the Christian faith. The title says it all: these are the basic things you need to know. A deep foundation is important if we are to build high; and a good understanding of the basics is crucial if we are to grow spiritually.

ServeNow is working with over 1,000 churches, in 13 languages, to provide a series of 30 booklets called “The Basic Things You Need to Know.” These foundational discipleship resources are resulting in people grasping the essentials of the faith for the first time! These are believers in parts of the world with no access or ability to afford any material or where the pastor himself has little to no training. It costs just $1 per book (or $375 to equip an average church for one year with the first four books!) to get into the hands of those hungry to know God and the basics of the Christian faith.:

Current Editions Available

The following editions of The Basic Things Series are currently available for purchase:

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