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newsletter-mssn-logoFrom the start, MediaServe has served Jewish communities by giving them the Word of God. Last year, we sent 9,000 Star of David Bibles to Ukraine and 3,000 to Israel. These Bibles were given to Messianic congregations, who in turn give them to Jewish people who have come to faith in Yeshua, but who don’t yet have a Bible.

Restoration in a Russian Jewish family

My name is Svetlana, and I came to the Lord in 1993. My husband, George, attended the church but was hurt by some believers and as a result cut off his fellowship with Christians. He didn’t read the Bible and lived as he wished. In our family, there was little mutual understanding. By the end of 2015, George was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgeries. He had four chemotherapy treatments, but still, his condition worsened. George understood that death was getting close, and he finally gave his life to Christ on July 20, 2016. I had prayed for his salvation for 23 years, and now he has started his new life with God! It was at this time that he received his own Bible which will lead him from now on. We are so thankful for this gift!

The Messianic pastors are very thankful for our help! Pastor David, a Messianic Jewish pastor in Ukraine, expresses his gratitude:

Thank you so much for the literature you sent to us – The Prophets Speak, The King, The Secret of True Life and New Testaments (both in the standard edition and the one with the Menorah on the cover). We have a ministry in 5 villages, so we badly need literature. We are surprised at the variety of books you have given us; we can use these for reaching both children and adults. There is very little need for further explanation when giving these books, because everything is so clearly explained, and the books have pictures as well. But the Star of David Bibles are the most precious gift from you, dear brothers and sisters! You provide us with the tool we dreamed about. We saw this Bible with the Star of David in other churches, but we could never get hold of them. We had to give the Jews the protestant Bibles, but this always caused arguments when they saw the cross. But now that we have your Bibles, there are no more arguments, because they see the Star of David on the cover. All the copies you have given us have already been given to those who were baptized last year and who did not have a Bible yet.


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