Operation Chariot continues

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newsletter-mssn-logoAs revival and the expansion of evangelical churches in Ethiopia continues, so does the need for Bibles and basic teaching materials. Over the past five years, we have provided 250,000 Bibles to Ethiopia in the Amharic language in three distinct editions: for the Jews, for those from Muslim background and for those from Orthodox background. This spring, we supplied 180,000 New Testaments in the Oromo language as well as 100,000 of The Gate to Life (discipleship book) and 200,000 of The Secret of True Life. We are committed to helping the church in Ethiopia with tools for gathering in the harvest, and we believe that the Lord will have us involved in Ethiopia for many years to come!

One of our partners in Ethiopia recently wrote: Most of the literature you provided has been sent to the South and Central parts of Ethiopia, which are predominantly Oromo speaking. It is a region where we have been working with a major church planting program in new villages with great results. We have now planted over 3,000 churches, many of these in the last couple years. We currently support 250 church planters who are planting 500 new churches in the area. The literature will be given to these 3,500 new churches, which have received hardly any help. This means there is a great need for Bibles and helpful literature in the local languages. The Bible is essential for the sustainability of these new churches and the booklets are very, very good and desperately needed for discipling new believers and for helping the churches in their work and outreach. Thank you!


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