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Please continue to pray for Nepal as there is increasing opposition against Christian work – especially evangelism. During the last few decades of considerable freedom, there has been massive church growth in this former Hindu kingdom. But the trend is now changing. Pray that the door will remain open for the Gospel! Right now, we have 55,000 Nepali New Testaments and 25,000 of The Gate to Life on the presses! Please pray with us that everything will go smoothly and that these books will come into the hands of those who need them most.

Omega Project

Pray for Jewish families that have received a copy of the Star of David Bible. Pray that the Scriptures will come alive for them, and that they will truly come to know their Messiah, like George did.

New languages – Farsi and Arabic

The typesetting of the Farsi New Testament is going on. Please pray for Edwin who is doing this challenging job. The King and The Secret of True Life are soon ready for printing in Farsi and Arabic. We want to be able to provide God’s Word to the increasing number of immigrants in Europe, many of whom come from Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. Please pray for the needed funding for these projects.


We rejoice over what the Lord is doing in Ethiopia! Please pray with us for the needed funds to print 60,000 Oromo New Testaments this year.


We are soon ready to print 150,000 of The Secret of True Life and 50,000 of The Gate to Life in Burmese. Pray that the final arrangements will go smoothly. Please also pray for the needed funds to reprint the Burmese Bible.


The 20,000 Ukrainian New Testaments are now ready to be shipped to Ukraine! They will be used in the Ukrainian speaking part of the country where many people are turning to the Lord in the midst of all the troubles. Please pray that the import formalities and deliveries to our partners inside the country will go well; importing into Ukraine is usually a challenge, and delays are common.

New Partners

We are in need of more ministry partners who will share with us in the financing of various projects.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer! We value you very much. May God bless you!


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