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newsletter-mssn-logoLooking back over this past year, I see how the Lord has faithfully been with us, guiding us through some challenging months. Previously, I was the leader of MediaServe, but had to take some time out due to burn out. For the ministry to continue, we needed to make substantial changes. As the trustees and some of our local intercessors gathered in Uppsala, Sweden, to seek the Lord for his will and guidance, we felt led to join hands with another ministry – people we have known and worked together with for many years.

As a result, MediaServe is now a division of ServeNow, founded and led by Lars Dunberg. The vision and mission of MediaServe continues unchanged with our Jewish work as the focal point. Those who have followed us during the past ten years have seen how our work among the Gentiles has grown to be much larger in quantity than our work among the Jews. However, we continue to follow our motto To the Jew First, as stated in Romans 1:16. By doing so, we have experienced how God has abundantly blessed our work among the Gentiles.

We work in many of the same countries as ServeNow, and our different strengths complement each other. We believe that by joining forces, we will be even more effective in the years to come.

All throughout this process, the people we serve have been at the forefront of our minds, as we didn’t want them to be left empty handed. Many areas where we work are seeing tremendous church growth, but simultaneously experience a serious lack of Scriptures and other tools for the harvest. There are great opportunities for the expansion of God’s Kingdom, as doors for the Gospel have opened in areas that previously were considered closed. We continue to sense an urgency and call to keep serving the Church worldwide.

Our mission is to put God’s Word in the hands of those who faithfully take the Good News to those who desperately need it.

I would love to hear from you, and I welcome any questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

God bless,

Carolyn Arthur
Director of Communications and Development

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