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The Omega Project’s aim is to systematically offer the Star of David Bible – a customised Bible designed for Jewish people – to every Jewish home in Siberia, Far East Russia, Ukraine and now in another country in the former Soviet Union. As a result, Jewish families that might never have read a Bible before are now reading God’s Word for themselves.

Having started 12 years ago, the Star of David Bible has been offered to a sum total of 1.5 million Jewish homes – more than 50,000 have responded and received a copy!

Unfortunately, the legacy of fear left by World War 2 still causes some Jews to hide their identity. Igor was one of them.

Igor was surprised to receive a letter offering him the Star of David Bible. He wondered how anyone could have found out that he was a Jew.  As his desire to read the bible grew, it overcame his fear and he accepted our offer.

Later, he came across a Messianic congregation, came to faith in Yeshua (Hebrew for ‘Jesus’), was baptised and is now growing in faith. Igor is one of 1,000 people in his city who have responded to the Omega Project offer, and have received the Star of David Bible.

Carolyn also met Natalia, who said: “I’ve come to Christ because of this Bible. My brother died when I was a child. We prayed for him as best we could, but when I asked people why he died they said that we didn’t know how to pray.

“I wanted to learn to pray the right way. I went to an Orthodox Church, and received a prayer book, but I still didn’t learn how to pray.

“When I was six years old, crying, I begged my grandfather to teach me how to pray and asked him why we were alive. He told me how God created us to live on earth and that He is the Almighty God and is called Yahweh.

“I asked my grandfather to tell me everything he knew about God and the Bible. Now I have finally received my own Bible and realised that this is the book my grandfather read. I’m grateful for the Star of David Bible which you freely gave.

“We thank everyone who sent us these books!”

As with the angels in Luke 15:10, we too rejoice when somebody invites Jesus into their life. This is the purpose of our ministry – to help the churches spread the Word of God, so that more people come to know Jesus.

One prominent Christian leader in this country told Carolyn: “we have more freedom now as believers, but we don’t know how long it will last. We need to take this opportunity to share the Gospel!” We as a ministry want to continue to help these churches so that they have the tools to bring in the harvest? Will you help us in this need?


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