God is Moving Amongst Iranians

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Iran has the world’s fastest growing evangelical population, with an annual growth of approximately 20%, and God’s also working with Iranians in other countries. In Sweden, those who speak Farsi, from Iran and Afghanistan, are very open to the Gospel. Read these striking testimonies:

During her weekly visit to the deportation centre in Uppsala, Leena met an Afghani couple in their sixties. She asked if they read Farsi – yes, they did. Leena gave the gentleman a Farsi New Testament. Receiving it with both hands he pressed it towards his heart and lifted up his hands as if he was praising God. His face shone with joy!

He was incredibly grateful and had obviously been waiting to learn about Isa (Jesus). God had already started working in this gentleman’s heart before he met Leena in Sweden. Her willingness to befriend and give something to them was a small but important link in God’s powerful work.

Please be encouraged to be links in God’s wider plan, which is often unknown to us, wherever we are.

Peter, from MediaServe, told us about two 17-year-old Afghani refugees in his church prayer group. “I gave them Farsi copies of The Secret of True Life and The King. They couldn’t put the books down and went through each page, intensely discussing the contents in their own language.

I gave them some more copies and they immediately left the prayer group, before the meeting had finished, to share them with their friends.”

We want to help the churches as they mobilise to reach those coming into their countries, from all around the world. This autumn we’re running a training programme for church leaders on how to reach Muslims and to equip them with appropriate materials. Now is the time to share God’s love, as people who cross national borders often experience hostility.

If your church will use copies of these resources, please contact us. If you’d like to contribute towards the production costs, we would be incredibly grateful for your donation.

51992828 - october 6,2015; hegyeshalom in hungary. group of refugees leaving hungary. they came to hegyeshalom by train and then they leaving hungary and go to austria and then to germany. many of them escapes from home because of civil war.
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