Bringing the Gospel to the Jews remains at the core of what we do at MediaServe. We are currently supplying Messianic congregations in Ukraine and in another country in the former Soviet Union with 13,000 copies of the Star of David Bible. New opportunities have opened up for us, which has enabled us to minister to many more Messianic congregations in this region. From time to time, I meet people who have received one of these Bibles in the past and are deeply impacted by the Word of God.

Jesish man

One such person is Olga. She expressed such joy and gratitude for having received the Star of David Bible from Finnish missionaries 10 years ago. She told me that, wherever she goes, she always carries it in her handbag.

Naum survived nine concentration camps during the Second World War. He told us his life story and how all his family, except he and his father, were killed. A few years ago, he received the Star of David Bible and since then he has kept reading and studying it. He is yet to take the step of following Yeshua but is well on his way.

MediaServe always works in partnership with local congregations and church planting ministries. The congregations give Bibles primarily to those who decide to follow Yeshua and need a Bible of their own.