We met with a Christian leader, Victor, whom we have worked with for many years. We have provided tens of thousands of Scriptures for Victor and his team who are regularly out on the streets, all over the Land, sharing the love of God. He also runs a book shop where seekers can easily come and receive a book, New Testament or Bible, free of charge. As we met with Victor, he shared testimony after testimony of people who have come to know Jesus as the Messiah.   Victor shared: “One day a French Jew came into our shop. She had immigrated to Israel a few years ago and asked me: “Can you please teach me from Isaiah 53?” “I would love to,” I said. I started to explain Isaiah 53 and after a while she started to cry and said. “Look what we have done, look what we have done! How come the rabbis don’t see it? I feel like a curtain has been removed from my eyes. I can see that it is He. It is He! He is the Messiah!” she said. That day she came to faith in Yeshua. She continued: “God led me to understand that Yeshua is the Messiah. How can I know more? Who can teach me more?” Now she is part of a congregation.   “One day a young Orthodox man came into the bookshop. I (Victor) started to talk with him and asked if he would like to receive a New Testament to which he replied: “I am interested in the New Testament.” I asked if he had ever read it. He said: “Yes.” I continued: “So do you believe in what it says?” “Yes, and I’m not the only one in my yeshiva (school for Orthodox Jews). Then he told me openly. “Don’t be mistaken by my clothing. My clothing doesn’t really say who I really am!” Victor later explained to us: “So many of them live in very closed societies and under a lot of pressure. They can’t do what they like but have to comply with their community. However, we are seeing how God is moving among the Jewish people.”