Despite restrictions and ethnic conflicts, we see some very encouraging changes and a new openness for the Gospel! Carolyn Arthur travelled to Myanmar in February together with Frank Arthur, founder of MediaServe. They met with churches and church planting groups that MediaServe has been helping for the past 5 years. Thanks to generous donations, we have provided 157,000 Bibles, 100,000 The Secret of True Life and 70,000 The King. These have been distributed to religious leaders of other faiths, schools, orphanages, prisons and used for street evangelism.

Change on national level
Today, 60 out of the 440 Members of Parliament in Myanmar are Christian! In March this year, the first Christian Sunday service was held on the grounds of the Parliament building attended also by the Vice President! The Minister of Religious Affairs, a Buddhist, suggested these Christian services continue on a weekly basis. This is remarkable! Seven years ago, no Christian was allowed in government nor have any position of influence. In November 2017 a big crusade was held in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. Approximately 100,000 people attended and one of the organizers told us that 10,000 responded to receive Christ! Follow up is now going on.