Young people being trained!
We visited a Bible School where the room was packed with enthusiastic students, young people from all over the country. Hardly any room for another chair. Many will be sent out as missionaries across Myanmar. On Sunday we attended the local church connected to this Bible School and close to 1,000 people came. It was not hard to see how these people loved the Lord, the hunger and expectancy was tangible! Many would have experienced the hardships of dictatorships just 7 years ago. Every year, about 200 people are baptized and added to this church. MediaServe has been providing them and the Bible School with thousands of booklets for evangelism. As we sat down and talked with many of their evangelists, one of them told us: “This book is a key to share the Gospel. It opens up the door for us to share the Gospel.”

“I have found the Living God…”
We also met with Pastor Mung, a father figure for many young pastors, and overseeing about 100 evangelists. As we asked him how many booklets he needed, he replied: “If our people come to know about this material, there will be a great demand!” Mung went on to share about one of his disciples who was a former religious leader of another faith and had heard the Gospel on the radio. He took the bold step of following Christ and today he is instrumental in bringing people to the Lord, leading around 1,000 people to Christ every year. Mung goes on to share that this disciple is ridiculed by many but simply says: “The reason I left my former religion was that I could no longer pretend … I am guilty if I pretend to follow his footsteps when I don’t manage to do it, I am then a liar. I am falling into sin every day. But I have found the Living God who loves me and assures me. He doesn’t expect me to do anything to earn my salvation, He has done it for me.” He then proceeds to share the Gospel. Sometimes a religious leader would say: “I have no right to stop anyone from choosing their own faith… However, please do not get baptized all at the same time. Do it secretly, one by one, on your own.”