Praise God for the 160,000 Scriptures and evangelistic / discipleship material that reached Ethiopia in March this year! These were distributed to local churches all over the country, including the Star of David Bibles in Amharic to Jewish communities. Pastor Fikre told us: “Due to the focus on missions and evangelism, especially in rural areas, we are seeing tremendous growth and new churches are planted.” The Gospel reached Ethiopia very early in the history of Christianity – yet today only 2% of the Christians have a Bible or New Testament of their own. We keep on receiving wonderful testimonies but each one of them ends with this message: “We need more Bibles and books!” These evangelists and pastors work in some tough areas but they have seen how the Bibles and Christian literature transform lives.

“I received the Oromo New Testament from you. I learned from this book, how to live and how to worship God. I have greatly benefited from reading this New Testament, because it is in our local language. We like it very much! We would like to thank those who blessed us by giving us this
book. It is very helpful.” Tefri is an evangelist who works among nomads in rural areas of eastern Ethiopia, as well as over the border in Djibouti and South Sudan. He says: “I use the Oromo New Testament and The Gate to Life and I just love them; they help me reach out to so many people and many are getting saved and transformed. I need more books!”

Tesema, another evangelist says: “The Secret of True Life is the tool we are using when we talk to people about Christ. It’s very handy, attractive and simple. Once people accept Christ, we give them The Gate to Life. These books have brought tremendous changes especially to those living in rural areas. Had it not been for such wonderful materials and Scriptures we could not have reached these people”.


New Jewish congregation in Northern Ethiopia

We received the news that a new Jewish congregation was established in Northern Ethiopia. There are many Jewish communities in this area and the Beit Abraham Messianic congregation recently undertook many outreaches there. As a result, many came to Christ and a new congregation was set up! All the new comers received a copy of The Star of David Bible. Please continue to pray for these new believers and the Messianic congregations.

MediaServe is committed to help meet the need of the Word of God in Ethiopia. Our goal is to provide 440,000 Scriptures and discipleship materials.