Belarus, a nation of almost 10 million people has, like Ukraine, a declining population mainly due to an aging population as well as emigration. Over 70% of the population consider themselves Christian but just over 1% are evangelical believers! Bibles and Christian literature is not readily available in the country.

Teens at our summer camp receive a copy of their first New Testament after making a first-time decision for the Lord. “Thank you Media Serve for supplying the New Testaments that will help the teens at the camp grow in their faith.”

Boys from a youth detention centre were allowed to participate in our summer camp where the Gospel was proclaimed. They asked if they could have a New Testament (supplied by MediaServe) to take back to the detention centre so they could read further about Jesus Christ!

Sergey has spent most of his life living in a Belarusian orphanage. Young Christian leaders befriended him and invited him to a summer camp in Belarus where he met the Lord. He received his first New Testament (thanks to MediaServe) and has been reading it ever since!

“I want to express my thanks to all those who have helped make these books available to us free of charge and also to those who worked so faithfully translating them. May our Lord bless you all in this labour, and let His name be praised in your homes and in your churches.”

Pastor D. P.

“Thank you for helping my church through your books. Missionaries visit the big towns and sell their books there but we in the small villages have nothing as we can’t afford to buy. All the literature we have for evangelism and discipleship is what you have given us.”

Pastor A. I.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to our Lord and to you for the books that you have sent to us, which are so precious. We have been using your books in our evangelical ministries in Belarus for adults and for children. Your books are just great for new converts. The King is used greatly by our childrens outreach ministries and at Sunday schools.”

Pastor V. A.