This vast nation has the largest population in the world and the second largest economy! It’s land area stretches over 5 time zones but in aim of creating a unified country, China only uses one time zone. Half of the population live in the cities, due to the increase in urbanization during the past 25 year. It is not uncommon that families send their youth to the cities for study and work. They will then, over time, be able to support their aging parents in the villages.

There are 56 ethnic groups in China and the Han Chinese make up 90% of the population. Interestingly, 19% of the world’s population are Han Chinese! It is estimated that there are over 100 million Christians in China today! In the middle of the 1900’s there were only just under 4 million! Despite this tremendous growth, there is still much work to be done among the ethnic minorities where 83% of them are still considered unreached with the Gospel!

Testimonies about The Gate to Life

“I become a Christian after I read The Gate to Life. I work in a small city in China and had never heard about Jesus. A friend of mine at work is a Christian and she gave me this book during lunch time and asked me to read it. I read the book during the weekend and asked Jesus to be my Lord. I have a lot of questions so I talked to this Christian colleague and she invited me to go to a house church. I have started to grow spiritually.”

“I became a Christian two years ago but I was not growing spiritually. I then got a copy of The Gate to Life. After reading it I understand salvation more clearly. It has also helped me become a better Christian. I am committed to follow Christ every day!”

“We use The Gate to Life in our church discipleship program.  In the past, we used our own teaching material but it is not as systemic as The Gate to Life.  It is also a good outreach tools for Christians to use for evangelism. The book helps Christian here to understand fully about the Gospel! Thank you so much for providing this book for us! May God richly bless you.”

“I am a deacon of my church of about 500 people in a rural area in China. We didn’t have any resource of books before. We received 30 copies of The Gate to Life and have now given the book to young people around this area. As a result, many young people have started to come to our church and are asking us how to become a Christian. Please pray that they will become Christian very soon.”

“The Gate to Life helped me to understand that the Bible is the Word of God. I was able to obtain a Bible and I read it every day. I am now a Christian and am going to a house church. I wish I had a lot of copies of this book so that I can give to my friends. Thank you for providing this book, it help me to become a Christian.”

Testimonies about The Prophets Speak

“Thank you for providing The Prophets Speak to us. We cannot find any Christian books in any of our book stores here.  The Prophets Speak is great for our churches as there are some Jewish people that live here. They have been here for hundreds of years and speak our language. They are Chinese but have their own Jewish culture and customs. The Prophets Speak helps us to reach out to them. We wish we can have more books. Thank you for your support. It is a gift from God!”

“Thank you for the book The Prophets Speak.  I am a small businessman in a coastal city of China.  In my business, I sometimes meet with buyers from Israel who are Jews.  I am a Christian and once in a while I will share the Gospel with them but I know nothing about their culture and why they do not believe in Jesus is Messiah.  The Prophets Speak helps me with all the Bible verses about the Messiah. I have recently been able to speak to several of my Jewish customers and this book has helped me point out the Bible verses about Messiah to them. I am excited about the opportunity to share the Gospel with these Jewish people. Thank you!”

“I deliver the book The Prophets Speak to many Russian Jews in North Eastern China.  They have lived in China for generations and speak and read Chinese and are Chinese citizens. This book helps us to be able to know how to share Yeshua with them and so far over 20 of them have started to come to our house church.”

“Our church never used to have many children but now we have 38 that come regularly. We never had enough Bibles for all the kids but after you sent us Bible – now all the children have one Bible each!”