Finland has close links to Sweden and the same trends in society can be seen in Finland. The majority (75 % ) of the Finnish people belong to the Lutheran Church but for many, faith and God do not have any place in their daily lives. Approximately 12% of the population are evangelicals.

Finland received independence from Russia in 1917 and managed to keep it even after the second world war, but they have lived in fear of Russia for decades. When Soviet collapsed, believers where eager to “invade” Russia with the Gospel and a huge number of Bibles and other Christians books crossed the Finnish / Russian border. MediaServe have printed over half a million Russian Jewish Bibles in Finland since 1994, and by far most of them went to Russia with the help of Finnish believers, with whom MediaServe was able to cooperate in the same vision and action.

Christians in Finland have a history of reaching out to the Jewish people and supporting Israel.  It was through a Finnish mission that MediaServe first established distribution of Russian Jewish bibles in Israel in 1995. The cooperation with Finnish believers continues, the focus being the ministry to the Jewish people. MediaServe has published one book in the Finnish language, The Prophets Speak.