Nepal – a nation squashed between India and China – has 8 of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world! The population of almost 30 million people has more than 40 ethnic groups – of which many are still considered unreached! Yet, today in Nepal, a large number of people are coming to faith in Jesus and it is estimated that there are 850,000 evangelical Christians in Nepal! There has been a phenomenal church growth in the last couple of decades and tools for evangelism and discipleship remain a huge need for these first generation believers.

“The Nepali New Testaments, The King and The Secret of True Life books you have given us, has been a great help for our church leaders in preaching the Gospel in many cities of Nepal. People have been interested in reading the colourful books. In one of our churches we have seen eight people accepting Christ every week during the last month and new people added to church!”

“Many like the New Testaments you gave us. In some places, they even insist on paying for the cost of the book. One of Hindu guys said, “I was longing to know about Jesus Christ. I do hope this booklet will help me know more about Him.” The New Testament was also distributed in schools. School children like it very much. In one place, we didn’t have enough to give to all the children. Those who did not receive it, were sad and said: “Please come again to our school and bring that book for me too.” The King and The Secret of True Life were also given to many teenagers and adults in central Kathmandu. So far we have received 137 responses. We have already mailed them follow up material The Gate to Life. Please pray that the Lord may help them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and the Lord.”

“One salient feature of the New Testament is the entire section at the end – the four spiritual laws. It is very effective and easy for the new comers to understand the basics of Christian faith. I provided two copies to two young men who came to faith last months in my church. They later went back to their village where there is no church. The nearest church is at least 3 hours away. The New Testaments and extra notes will help them and guide them in their faith in God!”