The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 but Russia is still the largest country in the world, extending from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific and incorporating 9 time zones! The population of 140 million mainly live in the cities on the western side. Siberia – one of the coldest and most scarcely populated regions of the world consist of 77% of Russia’s land but only 27% of the population live there, due to the harsh conditions they need to master.

Almost 67% of Russia are Christians, with the majority belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church and just over 1% are evangelical. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a great hunger to know God, whose existence the communist ideology had denied for over 70 years. This hunger led to many turning to Christ and new churches springing up. Unfortunately, this freedom has slowly been pulled back and we are again seeing greater control and the resurrection of the old soviet. The challenge today is for godly leaders within Russia to rise to the challenges ahead.

“Hello, I am writing to you with great thanks for the book “Holy Scriptures”. I received it one week ago and cannot leave it. How much joy and comfort it gives to me! I am retired and mostly sit at home. I live alone.

My children are grown up and they live separately. My grandson Misha visits me from time to time. He also lives by himself. He is 23 years old. He might marry soon and then he won’t visit me anymore. That is why I am so happy to have this book with me. Everything is written so clearly I simply cannot stop reading it.

I had a Bible before, but it was in ancient Slavic language and I didn’t understand when I read it. But nevertheless I took it in my hands when I felt sad. When you read this book your soul gets light. Sadness goes away and all grief is forgotten, as if you are born anew.

When my old Bible was stolen I was very upset. It was as if part of my heart was taken away from me. This old book was left to me by my ancestors. Now with your book I feel happy again.”

Olga from Perm

“Hello dear people! I have great joy! I received a very dear book for free. They brought Holy Scriptures to my home. The Bible and the New Testament are in this book and a lot of other texts. Thank you all! My special thanks to your head chief, I bow down before him!
My children and grandchildren will read this book. I wish you all good health! Success in you work and prosperity in your families!”


“Thank you for the Holy Scriptures. I am so grateful to you. Reading from it gives me inspiration and makes me free from worry and hopelessness.”


“I am very grateful for the book “Holy Scriptures”. The book is important and helpful, it should be studied in everyday life. I’ve studied it, it is very interesting! But on the 4th of August my mother-in-law, Sarra, captured it from me. That is it! She said that for a long time she had been looking for such a book. I asked her when she will return the book to me but she said not soon because she wants to study the book. She suggested to me to ask the Mediaserve staff to mail me another copy of the “Holy Scriptures”. This is how she put me in this inconvenient situation. Now I ask you, is there a possibility to mail me one more copy of the book to the following address.

I will be very grateful to you.

May the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob bless you.”