Sweden has a legacy of revival and commitment to missions but today the voice of the Christians is marginalized. Secularism, materialism and moral decline are words that would describe the state of the country today. The youth in Sweden have very little understanding of the Christian faith today but there is a growing curiosity and desperateness among youth to know if there is a true God. About 60% of the population (10 million) would consider themselves Christian and almost 7% are evangelical. Sweden has a high percentage of migrants partly from Europe but also from Muslim nations.

In 2015, 16% of Sweden’s population were born in another country. Finland was for a long time the country of origin for those who emigrated to Sweden. Today, in ranking order the three top countries people come from are Finland, Iraq and Poland.

There is great opportunity to reach immigrants living in Sweden with the Gospel! A high proportion come from countries where Christianity is illegal to practice. When they come to Sweden, for various reasons, the churches have the unique opportunity to share the Gospel with people who might never have heard the name of Jesus before!

MediaServe provides The Secret of True Life in the Swedish language but is also going to provide New Testaments and evangelistic material for immigrants speaking Farsi, Arabic, Somali and other languages.

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