A nation with just over 45 million people is blessed with an abundance of fertile farming land but at the same time has battled against a steadily declining population since their independence in 1990. Ukraine has a strong Christian legacy and today the Christian population consists of 79% of the population although barely 4 % are evangelicals. There is a great need for good leadership training and discipleship in Ukraine. The communist era is over in Ukraine but, like in other former soviet countries, the scares can be seen. Division is not uncommon, even in the church – be it due to religious or political views. Reconciliation and forgiveness are necessary for the country to see true revival.

“The whole camp is perfect, said Ignat, 13, one of the many happy attendees of the Gypsy Christian Bible camp. My favourite activity was to distribute “The King” and “The Secret of True Life”. I like these books! This is the first time I am reading them. I value what is written and want others to also be able to read about the King and Saviour and find solutions for their lives.”


Albert came to the camp for the first time. He comes from an atheistic family. He expressed his gratitude for the spiritual discussions held at the camp. He said. “I’m glad that somebody talked to me about the Christian meaning of life. My parents allowed me to be here just because I will be fed and they do not need to worry about me. I have found new friends here. Not only was I was given food here but a good book like The King and The Secret of True Life, which I am sharing with my parents and brothers and sisters.”


“I am Oleksandra, from Kiev. I regularly go to the territories in Eastern Ukraine that suffer from the war. I am a part of the chaplaincy ministry and serve people with the Word of God and give counseling.

Recently I have been to a village, which is only 20 km from the conflict zone. We brought medicine, clothes and food. But most importantly, we also brought hope in Jesus Christ. Children received The King and eagerly read the message about salvation.

I thank you for your support to our ministry, and also ask you to pray for these people, who really need God’s help!”


Letter from Messianic Pastor in Central Ukraine

Thanks a lot for the literature that you sent to us – The Prophets Speak; King; Secret of True Life; New Testament both Standard and Menorah. We have a ministry in 5 villages, so we badly need literature. We are surprised of the variety of books you have given us, which we can use for reaching both children and adults. There is very little need for further explanation when giving these books, since everything is so clearly explained in the books plus they all have pictures which are saying a lot when you look at them. But the Star of David Bibles are the most precious gift from you, dear brothers and sisters! You provide us with the tool we dreamt about. We saw this Bible with Star of David in other churches but we could never get a hold of them. We had to give the Jews the protestant Bible but this always caused arguments when they saw the cross. But ever since we have your Bibles, we don’t have any arguments anymore since they see the Star of David on the cover. All the copies you have given us have already been given to those who were baptized last year and did not have their own Bible.

Pastor David
Pastor of messianic congregation

Letter from Messianic Pastor in Eastern Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christian greetings from Ukraine! We are very grateful for your work and your responsive heart in responding to our request. We have a hard time expressing sufficient gratitude for the literature, which you sent us. We are not the only ones who read these books, as we pass them around for others to read too. Be assured that these books will not just be standing on a shelf collecting dust. Many Jews in our area will receive your wonderful books with much pleasure.

It is our prayer that our city would wake up from the death spiritual sleep. Your Bibles and literature attract the attention of the Jews, especially the Menorah and Star of David Bible. They see the pictures and are open to talk. We first give them a soft cover of “The Prophets Speak” to prepare the ground. The Star of David Bibles are then given when they are baptized and we use them in discipleship study groups. We are pleased to report that your books have been instrumental in the salvation and spiritual growth for Jews and non Jews in our city as they begin to better understand the Word of God.

Pastor Isak
Messianic congregation

Letter from Messianic Pastor in Central Ukraine

“The Prophets Speak contains core prophecies and their fulfillment. It encourages you to know the Lord God of Israel and His will for each person on this earth.

This book is like a precious seed which was sown by someone, plowed by others and the harvest was yielded by others. And as a result an endless chain of people are obtaining blessings from His Word.

This book revives and you and you gain greater understanding. It strengthens your faith!

We wish God’s blessings for all who were involved in producing this book and other books you have given us, which we are using to proclaim God’s Kingdom”.

Pastor Abram, Messianic congregation