United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a rich heritage of prayer, revival and pioneering missionaries, with large present day denominations having their roots in England. Despite the rich history, the 21st Century church has unfortunately lost ground. Today 60% of the population consider themselves as Christians and barely 9% are evangelical. The growth rate of the evangelical church is null and had it not been for immigration in particular from Africa, then we would have seen a pronounced decline in the evangelical church.

The United Kingdom, especially London, is today multicultural! During the last 20 years, the foreign-born population in the UK more than doubled with India, by far, being the number one country. The number of people holding a foreign passport in the UK almost tripled during this time. In inner London, 27% of the population hold foreign citizenship.

MediaServe, a registered UK charity, is committed to provide material for evangelism and discipleship in the UK. As we work in nations outside of the UK, we have material in 40 languages (10 of them being Indian). These can be a valuable resource for churches / believers reaching out with the Gospel.