The Bible for Russian Jews

The complete Russian Bible, including these special features:

  • Title: The Holy Scriptures
  • Full-colour cover with the Star of David and Menorah
  • God’s promises to the Jewish people, concerning their land and future*
  • Messianic prophecies and their fulfilment in Jesus*

432,000 IN PRINT

Standard size
120 x 175 mm, paperback
1264 pages

Large size
150 x 225 mm, hardback
1264 pages

“Absolutely the best Bible for Russian Jews.”

Harri Kröger

Missionary to Israel

*The special feature, God’s promises to the Jews and the Messianic prophecies, is also published in “The Prophets Speak“, available in English, Hebrew, Chinese, and Russian.

“Your excellent cover with the Menorah and Star of David appeals to Jewish hearts. That is why they are more eager to have your Bible than any other!”

Halina Ostik

The Olive Tree Fellowship

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