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TO SOW IN GOOD SOIL… from a business owner who supports MediaServe

“As someone who has owned his own business for the past 38 years, I’ve always been careful how I invest my money, and I’ve applied the same principle to how I invest in God’s Kingdom.

Over the years, I have given to different ministries and needs, but about 13 years ago I started to give the largest part of my giving to MediaServe. The main reason for this is that I believe MediaServe has shown very good stewardship of resources and they get much done with the money invested in their ministry.

I am convinced that the parable of sowing in different types of soil applies to our giving. To sow in the right soil is most important! I believe that MediaServe is good soil to sow in and I can, with good conscience, recommend MediaServe to others.”

Erik Stigsson, Sweden

How your generosity could help...

£1.000, for example, could provide approximately 600 Oromo New Testaments in the rural villages of Ethiopia and give people, who could never afford a Bible, a chance to have their very own Bible.

A business package includes:

  1. Logo and profile on the sponsorship web page
  2. Link to website
  3. Newsletter updates—sponsors are welcome to use the stories in their own communities
  4. Ongoing reports for any specific project(s) you’ve chosen to support

Additional fundraising from your staff

Often, staff at the companies supporting us become interested in our various projects and will sometimes want to contribute through a fundraising activity as individuals (e.g. running a marathon or making cakes) or as a group (e.g. holding a themed fundraiser at work). For more ideas, please contact us.

A pastor in Ethiopia told us: “We cannot adequately convey how valuable these New Testaments and Bibles are…our church members are now reading the Bible and it is changing their lives. These New Testaments are especially being used of God to transform the lives of the youth in our church. A passion for the Bible has been ignited!

We Are a Christian Charity

As a Christian charity, we are happy to receive prayer requests from any business that supports us financially or in any other way.


We can do so much more with your support

If you think your business might be interested in supporting us, and you would like to discuss your options and hear more about various projects, please contact us using the details below.

Phone: +44 (0)300 561 0002